Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometimes It's OK to Think INSIDE the Box

Whenever I get the chance and the budget to think outside the box for a client, my creative juices get flowing. As a designer, clients with a healthy budget allow for creative splurges that would be considered cost prohibitive to most. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a version of the idea to create a unique mailer or invite that goes beyond the traditional envelope.

One of my favorite clients has a big 4th of July celebration each year at their ranch in Wyoming. Rather than send out a traditional A-7 sized, standard invite, I try to develop something a little more unique because their budget allows it. Over the years I have developed a variety of 3-dimensional mailers for the party’s VIP guest list. The first year I designed a “Wanted” Poster and sent it out in a tube mailer.

The next time around I sent out a chocolate brown box and tucked inside was a bandanna and the invitation tied to a steel horseshoe. I found the bandannas at a local craft store and the horseshoes at a local tack shop. Both items were very affordable. I designed an over-sized mailing label that also acted as a seal for the box.

I just sent out the invitations for the latest celebration. Again it was a boxed mailer. This year I enclosed a very nice red aluminum water bottle with a label that said, "Quench your thirst for adventure... join us for a week long stay at the ranch.”

Mailer boxes like the ones I used can be used on a smaller scale and are ideal to give your invitation a little extra punch. I recently designed an invitation for a 60th birthday celebration. The invitation was rather extensive, so I thought enclosing it in a mailer box was a nice finishing touch for the piece.

So the next time you have a special event that needs a fantastic invitation, consider thinking inside the box.


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