Friday, May 21, 2010

making the most of that candid shot

Nine years ago, my son Jack came bursting on the scene with a loud roar. One of the most surprising things that I have learn since becoming a mother is the fact that much of who our children are can be contributed to nature rather than nurture. Jack, weighing in at a hefty 11 lbs., 13 oz. was a BIG boy with a BIG personality at birth. He is, and always has been, a super creative, very busy and yes, a sometimes mischievous little boy.

A funny phenomenon has occurred with Jack. Very often when he awakens in the morning he dons perfect little "hair horns". It seems so appropriate for my favorite little devil. One morning I decided to capture his ironically fitting hair-do.

It was such a funny shot, albeit not perfect. I felt I needed to share with others. And in that moment the idea for that my 2006 holiday card was born.

First, I needed to enhance the quality of the image. A little Photoshop magic and I was ready to go. Next, I needed a creative headline for the card. The solution was quite apparent, “Have you been naughty, or nice?” My daughter Ava took on the role of angel. A few clever footnotes added to their photos and it was ready to print and mail.

So, the next time you have that “classic” shot, think of a creative way to share it with others. Who knows, you may just put a smile on someone's face.



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