Monday, June 8, 2009

paying it forward

At Blue Finch Studios, we are grateful for the warm reception we have gotten as we dip our toe into the world of blogging and etsy selling. Below are three blogs/websites who were kind enough to give us a shout out and generate some traffic to our site(s). Until last week, I was unaware of these three awesome places so I want to pay it forward and share them with YOU.

The Bump (which is an off shoot of the wedding site The Knot). The Bump is all things baby. I am past that stage in life so I did not even know of it's existence. Tons of clicking around to be done over there.

Thanks to the Tidy Mom, she also gave us some linky-love. I love the sites she listed just today. So much goodness in the blogosphere.

And finally, Living Locurto. Amy is a fellow designer and she links you up to many great things including free digital downloads.



  1. Thanks for the shout out! That was very sweet. I love your designs... keep them coming:-)

  2. awwwe, aren't you sweet!!! thanks for the linky love back!! and like Amy said, keep the great designs coming!!